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Wolves Incorporate DRIVN App into Team Culture

07/27/2017, 9:45am EDT
By A. Trimble

DRIVN allows you to focus more on winning by consolidating your team communication, performance and operations into one, streamlined mobile ap.

The Wolves EHL & EHLP teams will be using the DRIVN App for all scheduling, communications, scouting reports, workout tracking and news updates.  This will serve as the one- stop place for all Wolves Players and Staff to communicate.

"We found last year as coaches that there was a generational gap in how and where we communicate with our players.  We are being forward-thinking and pro-active, and see real value in using technology to simplifying our communications to a completely paper-less setting." said Coach Andrew Trimble

Jeff Guiliano, ECHL Monarchs Assistant Coach, introduced Coach Trimble to the DRIVN app this spring to streamline team communication.

"The DRIVN app is used by Division 1 college teams and Elite Pro Teams.  It would have taken me several Printed Schedules, a Workout Binder, Hundreds of Pages of Game Scouting Reports and daily emails or texts to players to accomplish what we are going to do with the DRIVN app." said Coach Trimble

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